FSquares Photography are photos by twin brothers, Fawaz Ibrahim and Faiz Ibrahim. Since childhood, photography has been a passion for the twins and they have lots of experience to share. Based in Germany for more than a decade, they originally hail from the beautiful "God's Own Country" of Kerala, India.

Over the past two decades, they have worked with several clients, helping them build their portfolios and improve their outlook. Their work encompasses executive photoshoots, event photography, wedding photoshoots and product photoshoots. They are also experienced in Fashion photoshoots working with Boutiques in Paris.

A lot of their Portraitures are of people who are not models. This is one of their specialty, to bring people into ease and confidence throughout the photo session. The photos turn out professional and classy everytime. Have a look at their portraits album here.

You can contact them for your requirements through the contacts page. Enjoy the stay!


FSquares provides the following services:

  • Portfolio Photos
  • Wedding Photography
  • Professional and Executive Photos
  • Event Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Product Photography

Please use the contact page to make an enquiry or get a quote for your requirement.